REGAL Teak Bench / Banc en teck REGAL


Appreciate nature at its best with the very elegant Regal 3-SeaterTeak Bench!
Recognized for its durability and stability under the most severe climatic conditions, Teak wood is one of the world's most valued timbers.
The Regal 3-Seater Bench, engineered to the highest standards on the market, is made of FSC Teak wood, which makes it sturdy, comfortable and will allow you to simply enjoy the moment! It is also polished with a sanding process to give it a smooth finish.
Teak wood naturally alters to a silver-grey patina finish. This process does not harm timber in any way.
To keep Teak wood looking its best, clean it by using 2 parts of laundry detergent for 1 part of bleach in some warm water and scrub with a medium-soft nylon bristle brush. Begin by soaking the furniture with water before scrubbing and rinse the furniture thoroughly when you are finished.
If you want to restore your teak furniture to its original color, you can do so by applying a teak cleaning liquid with a scrub brush or by sanding it with a medium fine grit sand paper. You can also treat your teak furniture against weathering process by applying a Teak wood oil.
We recommend that you leave your Teak garden furniture outdoors, year round, in any climate without covering. Your furniture will be around for many years to enjoy!

• FSC Teak wood, recognized for its durability and stability
• Comfortably seats 3
• Assembly required (allen key included)
• Can stay outside all year round in any climate
• Easy cleaning technique

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